The Totem Cam offers an extraordinary holding power and unique capabilities with the patented Direct Loading Camming Device system. Exclusive design which features everything you require of a cam for all-around use and broadens placement possibilities, making it the most appropriate for demanding trad climbs. Technology that is changing the way to face up the challenges.

• Patented Direct Loading Camming Device system (US patent 7,014,156) applies a perfectly equalized load directly onto each lobe.
• Well-sized cam heads with the narrowest head width for the smallest sizes.
• Very flexible cam body.
• Easy handling even with hand gloves.
• Loadable on just two lobes.. Read the Instructions For Use!
• Great holding power.
• Less walking due to strong springs and good flexibility.
• Good expansion range (1.64:1)
• Light and durable.


TOTEM CAM 0.50black6kN11,7mm18,9mm69g
TOTEM CAM 0.65blue8kN13,8mm22,5mm75g
TOTEM CAM 0.80yellow9kN17mm27,7mm83g
TOTEM CAM 1.00purple10kN20,9mm34,2mm95g
TOTEM CAM 1.25green13kN25,7mm42,3mm109g
TOTEM CAM 1.50red13kN31,6mm52,2mm132g
TOTEM CAM 1.80orange13kN39,7mm64,2mm144g

How to clean a Totem Cam

Totem Cam/Basic strength comparison


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