Tradannot: International Trad Climbing Meeting

The organization of the 1st International Trad Climbing Meeting Tradannot is already underway. Tradannot festival will take place on 28-29-30 April and 1 May 2012 in the town of Annot (Alpes-de-Haute-Provence, France) that in recent years has become an ideal place for crack climbing lovers and european traditional climbers with the development of new routes and areas that allow us to enjoy jamming.

Tradannot aims to become the springtime meeting point spring for trad climbers from all around Europe (and above). Climbers from Czech Republic, Italy, Slovakia, Spain, Germany, Holland, England an even France!! are expected to be attending the meeting, with some interesting guests as Jeff Mercier, Tom Randall, Delle Bordino, Stevie Haston, etc.

At the moment the program of activities includes the following highlights:


  • Gear for loan and for testing (Totem MT, Vieux Campeur, Wild Country, Black Diamons, Nine).
  • Introduction to crack climbing (curl) and workshop about how to protect cracks.
  • Report of 2 new areas with easy cracks.
  • 6 new trad routes around grade 8.

Evening entertainment:

  • Popular dinner
  • Projection of slideshows and old time films
  • Conferences (Climbing stories, the history of Verdon, vintage photographs, the invention of Totem Cams, the use of knots in Czech Republic…).
  • Gear for sale
  • Gear provided by the sponsors to be drawn.
  • ! Beer!

Encourage you to attend the meeting! It will be nice to meet you there!!

All information about the meeting and the possibilities for climbing at Annot on the following link: TRADANNOT

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