Video: Arnaud Petit in Black Bean (8b, 65m) Trad Version

We are proud to introduce you the first video production where Totem MT has been involved: Arnaud Petit climbing the route “Black Bean” (8b, 65m) in Ceüse (France) on gear.

Impressive climb and awesome footage from Bertrand Delapierre. Thank you guys for giving us the opportunity to be a part of that great project. Hard trad climbing is also possible in limestone with Totem Cams!!!

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One Response to Video: Arnaud Petit in Black Bean (8b, 65m) Trad Version

  1. dimi says:

    votre video ds black bean est terrible!! je commence la grimpe et ca donne trop envie!!
    Arnaud est mon idole apres avoir vu ca, il est trop fort!!
    bref merci de partager de si belles images et vcontinuez a nous faire rever!

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