(Español) “Love Climbing”, A3/6a+, nueva via de Pelut y Javier Mercuri en Peña Roc

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Alex and Thomas Huber, New Members of the Totem Team!!

We are really excited to notice you that… Alex and Tomas Huber are the last new members of the Totem Team!!

This beasts of the hard big wall climbs will carry our Totems and Basic in they’re future ascension.

Alex and Thomas, Welcome to Totem Team!!!


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Hansjörg Auer in Kunyang Chhish East (7400m)

Kunyang Chhish East (7400m) – First Ascent via the Southwestface

The 7400m Khunyang Chhish East is a sub peak in Kunyang Chhish massif, Hispar Muztagh, Karakoram. With the main summit being 7852m, it is the 21st highest independent peak in the World, and was first ascended by a Polish team led by Andrzej Zawada in 1971. However, despite several attempts, the East peak remained unclimbed until now. The best attempt so far has been made by the American duo Steve House and Vince Anderson in 2006. Unfortunately just 300m short of the summit they had to turn back, their efforts seized by a steep rock step. The 2700m Southwest face of Khunyang Chhish East has widely been regarded as one of the great remaining problems in alpinism.


We were walking along the moraine of Hisper Glacier when we first came into contact with our project. On a green terrace at Dachigam where the Pumari Chhish Glacier floats out from the base of Kunyang Chhish I whispered to Simon: „I can´t believe it. It´s definitely a monster“. I was in awe with the dimensions. The big amphitheater, formed by the South, Main and East summits is one of the wildest places I´ve seen. We kept on moving towards Base Camp. Suddenly, Simon stopped again. The clouds were lifting and now we could see the whole Southwestface up to the summit pyramid of Kunyang Chhish East. We looked at each other, a deafening silence arose with the realisation that we had only seen half of the peak earlier that day.

The expedition did not start according to plan. Initially we had problems with receiving a permit for Kunyang Chhish East, which delayed the expedition by a few days and unfortunately when Simon called me from Bern to tell me that his passport issues had been resolved five minutes later Matthais, my brother, called. He was on his way to hospital because he had severely injured his thumb. After hearing the news I felt confused, sat down and tried to calm down. We had invested so much time in this project, researching and training. It felt like the balloon had burst however obstacles are part of life’s rich tapestry, so Simon and I decided to go ahead and venture off into the unknown.

Exactly 20 days later we set off for our first attempt on KC East Southwestface. It was June 25. The time in between was characterised as acclimatisation days. Slowly we tried to get used to the high altitude, climbing some ridges and little faces near Base Camp and as a final step we summited Ice Cake Peak (6400m) and slept on top. When we came down we had just one rest day before packing for the first try on KC East.

In the meantime Matthias arrived. But due to his injury and due to his lack of acclimatisation, it was not possible for him to join us. He couldn’t even join us on our ascent of Ice Cake Peak and that hit him hard, but we had to follow the rules when playing with Kunyang Chhish.

Simon and I felt really strong on the first attempt of KC East. On the third day, as the weather was starting to change and the winds were getting stronger and stronger we reached a small bivy spot at 7000m. It was only 2pm but the conditions didn´t allow us to continue with the climb. The spot was really exposed to the weather. I will never forget this night just hoping that we would not be blown away into the darkness of the Karakorum. The next morning it was even worse. Through the little zip of our tent, the snow was pressed inside. Normally I´m really good during hard situations on mountains suppressing my emotions. But suddenly at around 8am I knew that if we don´t react now, the mountain will. We packed and fought our way down to the base of the wall. After 14 hours, cold, shattered and emotionless Matthias was happy to see us alive and helped us carry our backpacks out to Base Camp.

Four days later we made another try but many avalanches and tons of fresh snow forced us to retreat at 5600m. We climb up to the third serac and waited while avalanches swept down the face. We started too early to catch the weather window. We were angry but in the high mountains, everything has to be perfect. The difference between failure and success is minute and any mistakes are not forgiven.

Disappointed we reached Base Camp. Although we had three more weeks’ time, it was clear that we had just one more attempt available. The failed attempts wear you out. We tried to cool down, slept a night and it then became clear that now we had to take the chance. Hook or crook.

Matthias’ acclimatisation was still not on the same level as Simons’ and mine. Alone, he just could climb up to 5500m. But this is not enough for KC East. He should climb at least Ice Cake Peak. Together with Simon he started for a two day push, while I chilled in Base Camp and searched for some bouldering.

The following ten days there was not so much to do. Bad weather, super high winds on top and snow down to Base Camp required a lot of patience. The expedition challenged our minds. We were already so close to the summit on our first attempt, the last cornice that forms the summit was well within our grasp.

On the evening of July 13, Karl Gabl, our meteorologist back in Austria, gave us a promising forecast. Not the perfect window, but at least the conditions on the wall acceptable due to clear cold nights. Now Matthias was on board. On July 14 at 4am, the team complete, we commenced the final try.

The first two days went smoothly. After a spectacular bivy on a tiny and exposed snow mushroom we climbed without problems up to 6600m on the second day. Just upcoming winds and spindrift on the last mixed pitches made the climbing a little bit inconvenient. We had another hard night and our little tent nearly collapsed because we were totally snowed in. The winds were still high and spinddrift continued all night long. The next morning was cold and grey. We tried to climb higher but couldn´t. After 200m we found a little crevasse where a tunnel formation lead inside. A perfect shelter, no winds, no spindrift which allowed us to wait for the next two days.

On the morning of July 18 the winds calmed down and the weather cleared up. It seemed our last chance. At 6am, as the sun rose we set off. The following mixed part was hard, our toes and fingers were freezing and the long traverse out to the ridge on glared ice was very exhausting. At 7000m we made a small break before going for the final ridge. The first step to gain the height of the ridge turned out to be not as hard as Steve (House) described it. We traversed directly on the highest spine and gained easier terrain. The conditions worsened as we climbed but we knew that soon we will be on top. Getting progressively slower we traversed towards the highest point and at 12:30pm we couldn´t believe it. We couldn´t climb higher, the summit. We had tears in our eyes as we embraced each other. We reached the end-and-highpoint of the last month and enjoyed the wonderful view overlooking the sea of fog of the Karakorum Mountains, where just the highest peaks poked through. Kunyang Chhish East is no longer unclimbed and a great project of the Karakorum is finally complete.

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Nafarroa Bizirik! Bide berria Marboren

Ekaitz Maiz’ek bidaltzen dizkigu Marboren zabaldutako azken bideari buruz hitz batzuk.

Eskerrik asko eta zorionak!!


2012ko Iraila bukaeran Etxaurin egiten duen beroak, gogoa toki freskoetara doakigu Asier eta niri. Udaran, Marboreko dorrean, Manu Cordovarekin “Hiperamort” zabaltzen egon nintzenean irudikatu nuen bideak gero eta forma gehiago hartzen ari da nere buruan. Asierrekin hitzegin eta eguraldia begiratu ondoren asteburuan joateko geratzen gara.

Larunbatean, goizaldeko 5etan jeikitzen gara Serradetseko aterpean. Egunsentian pareta azpian gaude eta bide berri bat zabaltzera noan aldiero bezela, salebeko tximeletak urduritasunez dantzan dauzkat. Irudikatu dugun bidea Marboreko dorrearen ipar horman dauden sabai batzuk zeharkatzen ditu. Eskalatzen hasi eta berehala urduritasuna aldendu eta konzentrazioan bihurtzen da.

Lehenengo sabaia gainditzerakoan, aurretik heldu nuen harri bat hautsi eta ia airean ikusten naiz, susto polita, batez ere Asierrentzat, erortzerakoan harriak ia eman bait dio ta. Beste bi sabaiak zailagoak dira eta hauek gainditzeko ia hustu naiz. Sabaien gainean dauden plaka gris zoragarri batzuetara zeharo nekatuta iritsi naiz, ze bidea zabaltzeaz gain, helburua, ahal bezain modu garbienean zabaltzea bait da, hau da, ahal bezain parabolt gutxien jarrita. Horrela eskalatzean jasandako tentsioak energiak oso azkar kontsumitzen dizkizu. 60 metro eskalatu eta 6 parabolt jarri ondoren, errepisa on batean bilera jartzen dut. Ez dakit zenbat denbora kostatu zaidan luze hau zabaltzea, baina harnasa berreskuratu eta lasaitzeko minutu batzuk egon behar izan dut.

Datozen luzeak aurrekoa baino errezagoak diren itxura dute, baina aurretik pilatutako nekeak, harkaitzak noizbehinka dauzkan harri askeek eta ahal bezain txapa gutxi jartzeak, ez digute inolaz ere erlaxatzen uzten. Azken luzetik ateratakoan zeharo txikituta gaude. Aterpean afaria prestatzen gauden bitartean, hurrengo eguna lasai hartu eta estera patxadaz joatea erabakiten dugu. Zeharo hustuta bukatu dugu eta ez zaigu hurrengo egunean eskalatzeko barete energiarik geratzen.

Urriak 12an, eguraldi eguzkitsuarekin Gavarniera iristen gara berriz, Marboreko Dorrera begiratu eta aurreko astean eroritako elurrak errepisetan pilatua jarraitzen du pareta guztiz blai utzita. Atsekabeturik, Toussauseko falaisean eskalatu eta Nafarroa bizirik datorren urterako uzten dugu.

Udaberrian eroritako elurteek, Pirineoetara itxaropen gutxirekin begirarazten zigun. Alpeetako oporretatik bueltatzean Serradetseko aterpera deitu eta pareta baldintza onetan zegoela esan zidaten. Bi aldiz pentsatu gabe eguraldi oneko lehen egunetan han geunden Asier eta biok. Oso goiz jeiki gabe, paretari itzala sartzerakoan hasten gara eskalatzen. Lehen luzeak fisikoki eta psikologikoki benetan saiatzea exigitzen dit. Alere bigarren sabaian dagoen mugimendu batek behin eta berriz eroriarazten nau. Mugimendua nola egin ondo aztertu eta atseden on baten ondoren, hortzak ondo estutuz gainditzea lortzen dut eta sekzio delikatu bezain psikologiko batzuen ondoren luzea kateatzea lortzen dut. Ufffff, ze nekatuta nagoen!!! Bideko luzerik zailena kateatu dut, baina datozenak ere oso exigenteak dira, batez ere psikologikoki. Hurratsez hurrats, akatsak ez egitean konzentratzen naiz eta luzez luze goraka goaz. Asierrek Marboreko Ugatzak bisita egin digula esan dit eta ni ez naiz ohartu ere egin. Luze batzuetan nere buruari esaten diot: “non hostia jarri zenuen txapa hor?, begiratu eta ez dut inon ikusten. Olla Nola joaten zaidan batzutan”

Arratsalde bukaeran azken luzea egin eta “Marboreko bizkarrera” ateratzen gara.

Besoetako eta oinetako minez… zeharo txikituak! Baina Nafarroa bizirik kateatzeak sortu digun poztasunak izugarri arintzen gaitu eta energiak berrizten dizkigu.

Marboreko Dorrearen gailurra zapaldu ondoren, frontalen argipean, Rollandeko bretxatik aterpera jeisten gara. Aterpekoen ongi etorria eskertzeko ia indarrik gabe, zerbait jan ondoren, berehala lo hartzen dugu.

Hurrengo eguna patxadaz hartu genuen, aterpean bapo gosaldu ondoren, Lionel, Valentine eta Gavarnieko zirkoa osatzen duten mendiak agurtzen ditugu: Hurrengorarte!!!

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(Español) Una cordada prodigiosa

Supongo que es debido al mal tiempo pero las conversaciones alrededor del café son monótonas, todos y todas hablan de las contagiosas separaciones amorosas que se suceden en esta primavera tan gris, todas lloran los desamores, y todos buscan el reconfor en el vaso medio vacio, en medio de la conversación mi mirada está perdida en la cara norte de la Aguille du Peigne, en ese momento, alguién me pregunta por mi disipada opinión, mirándole fijamente a los ojos le pregunto si alguna vez ha llorado por la ausencia de un compañero de cordada, mi respuesta les aturde y cambio de tema tan rápido como puedo para no hacer notar mi tristeza en este mundo tan viril como es el de la montaña.

Hace unos días me cruzé con Jordi en una gite, ese lugar en que los guías intentan decorar con sus chaquetas roidas por el tiempo y viejos posters de cuando todavía se escalaba con mallas de colores, lo hacemos para sentirnos como en casa, y a la hora de las infusiones y después de habernos contado todas las proezas y haber desenredado todos los desamores, al final de esa conversación, Jordi, me pregunta por él, Y Christian, ¿cómo está Christian ?

Hace tres meses que llené el viejo ZX que me regaló mi madre para que pudiese descubrir mundo y me lanzé a la aventura alpina, dejé Pau en medio de un aturdimiento amoroso, pasé por la cordonerie a esplicarles que me marchaba unos meses a los alpes y después subí al tercer piso donde vive Christian, le expliqué la situación y tras unos abrazos me dió una caja de higos secos y una botella de vino para que el camino se me hiciera más dulce.

Conocí a Christian en un área de autopista, vino a buscarnos y nos invitó a cenar a su casa para hablar de temas de trabajo con mi hermano Simón, yo hacía de interprete, de simple traductor, pero enseguida comprendí que aquel tipo con el pelo negro mal peinado y la mirada brillante era alguién especial, al cabo de unos meses estaba viviendo en su casa, me abrió las puertas a un nuevo mundo ; el Pirenaico, con todo lo que conlleva, tanto él como su familia, me acogieron y me arroparon con mis veinticinco años, en una época en la que yo buscaba rehacer mi vida y formarme como carpintero, apenas escalaba en aquellas fechas.

Forzosamente al compartir mi vida con ellos, Christian me llevaba a escalar, supongo que le parecería majo y agradable, con él la montaña era divertida, algo espontáneo y excitante, con un toque arriesgado desde el momento en el que acomodaba mi culo en su viejo peugot 406. Las curvas se sucedían a una velocidad espeluznante, pero confiado, liaba cigarrillos y le contaba mis aventuras de joven punki en la Rioja, después de haber esquivado tres vacas a 80 km por hora y haber pasado tan cerca del guarda railes que no hubiera cabido un suplemento del pais semanal entre el coche y la estructura metálica, ese día abrimos nuestra primera vía juntos, estabamos con mi hermano Simón , la vía la llamamos « Los Estudios de Martín », en el valle de Hecho, lugar que luego lo convertitíamos en nuestra segunda casa. Llegamos a la cumbre contentos y en medio de un abrazo nos fundimos los tres forjando lo que sería una cordada inseparable ligada por una fuerte amistad.

Desde ese día, creo que no hemos dejado de vernos, cada rato en Pau era perfecto para tomarnos un café en su casa, en la mía o en la cordonerie, siempre con ganas de vernos, contentos de contarnos alguna batalla o llorar algún disgusto, la cantidad de tabaco que hemos compartido habrían provocado cancer al cualquier persona carente de alegría, eso es lo que nos hacía tan fuertes, la alegría de estar juntos. Asi pasaron seis años, en un abrir y cerrar de ojos, durante ese tiempo dejamos más de doscientos pitones y un buen puñado de expansiones en las paredes de las sierras prepirenaicas, abrimos alrededor de cuarenta nuevos itinerários en el macizo y en lugares tan secos que ni el cereal crece con soltura,

Fue él mi hermano mayor, cuando Simón estaba lejos, fue amigo, fue padre, fue madre, es doctrina, fuente de motivación y de regulación cuando yo estaba sobre excitado, una glándula tiroidea que segrega paz, cólera, alegría y tristeza , todo en su justa medida. Siempre estaba ahí para un rato de plática al caer la tarde.

Hace tres meses que vivo en Montroc, un pequeño pueblo encima de Chamonix, la nieve acaba de desaparecer y deja paso a las flores que decoran ahora los salones de todas esas chicas que intentamos seducir, la vida en la capital alpina es alborotada y divertida, las escaladas se han menguado para transformarse en un oficio, el de guía de alta montaña, estraña incoherencia, este trabajo todos sabemos que es peligroso y que la idea de formar una familia siendo guía es algo todavía más arriesgado, a pesar de esto seguimos levantándonos por la mañana con una extraña motivación por conocer lugares nuevos y dar un fuerte abrazo cada vez que culminamos una cumbre o festejamos una derrota. Hasta cuando durará esta pasión.

Con christian hablamos por teléfono una vez por semana, mi formación como guía va viento en popa y se lo cuento alegremente para que se sienta orgulloso de todo lo que me ha enseñado.

Hoy le he vuelto a llamar, ha descolgado el teléfono y me ha respondido : c’est bon ? ; Tu est rentree dans les Pyrenees ?? Luego yo, he llorado al sentir que le echaba de menos.

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Web store temporally unavailable

Our web store will be unavailable until we recover the normality in stock.

We apologize for the inconvenience.

Totem Team

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New prices for 2013

Those are the new prices for 2013 (you will already find those updated prices in our web store):

  • Totem Cam:
    • UK: 59,95£
    • Europe: 74,95€
    • US, Canada and rest of the world: 79,95$
  • Basic cam:
    • UK: 49,95£
    • Europe: 64,95€
    • US, Canada and rest of the world: 69,95$

This year our objective is to reach to more climbers, and we want to get the collaboration of retails stores. The cams will be closer to the hands of the climbers community, but a bit more expensive.

Totem is growing the production and learning to make the cams in a more efficient way. That was essential in the objective to be available where the climber is accustomed to find his favorite gear.

We take the opportunity to thank everybody who has helped us in this hard start (we climb much less than we would like!!). Today our products have started to gain a reputation based on their features and good quality. We expect to be improving on this way.

Enjoy your climbs and be safe!

Totem Team

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Review: Andy Kirkpatrick

Clicking on the picture you will find the Review made by Andy Kirkpatrick about the Totem Cams. We are always glad to hear your opinions!!!

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Video: Poseidon (7a). Capo Pecora (Sardignia)

A great video of Maurizio Oviglia climbing the trad route “Poseidon” (7a) at Capo Pecora (Sardignia).

POSEIDON from Maurizio Oviglia on Vimeo.

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