Jury’s decision Totem Cams photo contest

21 October 2015

Jury’s decision Totem Cams photo contest

After a month receiving your pictures from all around the world, the time has finally arrived, the photo contest is over. There were a really high quality pictures, and that’s why it was so difficult to make a decision about the winners. Thank you everybody for sending your pictures. This is not going to be
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17 September 2015

Totem Cams photo contest

Hello and welcome to the first Totem Cams photo contest.   Who may participate:  Everyone over 18, any nationality, professional or not. All participants will receive a 10% discount ticket which can be used in our website www.totemcams.com (only the Countries authorized to use the online shopping mode) from the 5th of October to the 31th October 2015.
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25 August 2015

Reequipamiento de la vía “Alta Tensión” (Montanejos)

“Alta Tensión” es una vía abierta en noviembre de 1982, por Willer, S. Garcia, M. Garcia, Paco Aguado y Coque Perez Laffont. Se encuentra en las fisuras de la carretera en Montanejos, y ha sido recientemente restaruada con la ayuda de Xavi Barrios. La vía a sido restaurada sustituyendo clavo por bolt, también se ha
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10 August 2015

How to clean a Totem Cam video

Hi everyone, In this post you will find a useful video explaining step by step who to keep the Totem Cams clean and ready to be used. Please contact us in case of any doubt or comment. Thank you, Cheers.    
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24 June 2015

Strength test video

Hi everyone, In this first post we will like to present a video about the strngth of Totem cams and Basic cams using. At the end of the video we will show some interesting conclusions about the tests. We hope you will find it interesting! Please contact us in case of any doubt or comment.
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