Based on the well known David Waggoner’s brilliant microcam design, the Basic offers innovation, elegance and quality with all the functionality you expect. Lighter than his brother Totem Cam, the Basic is ideal for those climbs where you need to repeat sizes or to complement the placement posibilities with Hybrid sizes.

Buy Basic Cams Traditional Climbing Gear

• Simple, light and reliable.
• Internal cam springs for narrow head width.
• Double sheath on trigger. The outer sheath layer has free rotation motion for improved abrasion resistance.
• Al 6061-T6 soft lobes for a reliable holding power.
• Maximum flexibility of the stem.
• NEW trigger wires system. Flexible and strong. Lobes always centered when you grab the cam.
• Rounded lobe edges for minimized flash material.
• Diagonal microteeth with no distorsion of logarithmic spiral shape.
• Original thumb loop design to minimize distance to the trigger and get a steady trigger action.


BASIC 0.50blue5KN11,2mm17,4mm56g
BASIC 0.60HYblue/green5KN13,6mm17,4mm58g
BASIC 0.65green7KN13,6mm21,4mm60g
BASIC 0.70HYgreen/yellow7KN16,6mm21,4mm62g
BASIC 0.75yellow9KN16,6mm26,1mm68g
BASIC 0.85HYyellow/red9KN19,9mm26,1mm70g
BASIC 0.95red11KN19,9mm31,6mm72g

Totem and Basic Cams strength comparison